Photo-Voltaic Systems with Dae Gyoung Industrial Electronics means dealing with Korea market leader in powerful renewable energies and environment-friendly technologies thoroughly specialized in the devising of energy solutions that generate new energy by producing electricity using solar power through widely spreading panels of entire arrays of top-efficient solar cells attached.

The promise: Creation of new higher values to customers by way of delivering power supply options and semi-permanent systems that can generate energy everywhere while improving efficiency and safety through innovative energy forms and their associated technologies that the firm constantly develops. Dae Gyoung introduces future of humanity by optimizing nature resources into alternative and recycling energies like solar and hydraulic ones, wind power or terrestrial heat.

Its solutions one-stop batch processing covers renewable energy facilities’ all stages from assessment & design engineering to manufacturing, installation and follow-up management while relying on a strongest quality-certified trust base, great & excellent procurement capabilities and easy realizations readiness for any photovoltaic systems in demand welcoming to build, develop and even operate whatever projects of best interest in Asia, Africa, Europe and elsewhere in world following the firm's sustainability, welfare and growth-leading standing like established reputation.

Immediate highlight of Dae Gyoung technology product portfolio are these star proposals each with their respective set of benefits and that we currently promote:

Stand-alone photovoltaic system - This setting is thought-of for power use once after new solar energy is generated and stored in its energy storage device or system known as ESS and enables power supply everywhere absolutely. It is specially indicated in remote or places with insufficient, unreliable or poor supplies like for communities and villages in the mountains and rural areas like arid or desert commonly inhospitable zones as those of long-lasting or in transitional crises and other situations or lands in conflict either likely of an assessed plan whatever economic risk inherent to this latter contingency for investing

Grid-connected photovoltaic system - Solar energy use is made possible by linking the photovoltaic system to a power grid, hence called on-grid. Moreover, it provides possibility to sell the surplus power to electric power firms with this extra advantage of profit-making through reduction on electricity charges spending next to the new bonus of surplus sale, overall promoting an economical & business-minded use of power

Building-integrated photovoltaic system - Idea of this design is electric energy production using cell panels on the outer walls, windows and roofs of buildings with solar modules integrated or combined from start in the construction project plans. Environment-friendly buildings can now be constructed with an energy-efficiency management priority or as core-target principle.     


Adhoc monitoring systems are also available to provide information about output and accumulated generation, environmental measurement conditions, inverter information, information on string voltage current BCD, hour/day/month statistical generation chart, generation estimation diagnosis & actual measurement, and an alarm record. This data is sent from the photovoltaic system through web-based user-centered UI so that supervisors can quick and easily confirm power outputs, operation conditions and detect any errors, hence enhancing system’s management anytime, anywhere.

Dae-Gyoung track in construction of photovoltaic systems encompasses various capacities with averages around 50-100 kW and real capacity well beyond in the terrain, with project designs installed in many diverse places such as homes, building rooftops of schools, government and civil offices, and so on as in some of the real-life cases provided in the photos above.

For an enquiry or in-premise assessment request and this coordination just contact us and we’ll be glad to organize the visit trip as required or even with Dae Gyoung own engineer team in suitable time, thank you.