A fabulous gemstone's, semi-precious and precious diversity happens in Pakistan.

The top-important: Emerald of Swat Valley -the Northwest Frontier Province/s (Malakand)- and Ruby and Spinel from Hunza Valley, in Swat region's northeast as well.

Also famous beautiful gems making it to world markets and extracted mainly from northern Pakistan comprise: Topaz, Aquamarine, Sapphire, Tourmaline, Agate, Turquoise, Quartz, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Morganite, Peridots, Garnet and Sphene, some of them in various colors. Stunning and prominent in the mineral & gemstone world, 6 of them are part to Forbes Top-12 Precious Stones list: blend of world nature & design marvels. Nonetheless, diamond has not been found historically, with any occurrence possibility perhaps in southeast, like scarcely Gold yet in combination with Copper only and such deposits.

We now bring here as an opportunity unique and made accessible to our shoppers in advantage terms directly from the mine Dome Selects initial choice in singular raw minerals & crystals that can be set in jewelry and adornments like bracelets, rings or necklaces once suitably cut & polished for this use. In a while we expect to offer custom and handmade pieces like also quite popular birth & lucky gemstones. Some special pieces from among Pakistan's original best designed and manufactured jewelry and stones. Purchase can be done here directly online at the store via the Shopping Cart, delivery is then to be arranged separately in person and in hand to Client/s in their location as far as in our reach areas and it can be provisioned.

For now following three choices we're making available, each respective one's specification for each buy is to be stated upon stock, availability and Clients enquiries:

- Checkbox 1: Emerald natural, uncut

- Checkbox 2: Ruby natural, uncut

- Checkbox 3: Corundum natural

These pieces are for 0.75-1 to 5 carat stones once cut, polished & set as jewel pieces, here price is set per carat, average, please consult with us size & quality for each piece or piece set like our provision regions first. Origin and characteristics certification is provided with every sale.

Resources of quality information: Gemstone.pk. Nation.com.pk. Gems industry potential. Forbes.com. Invest Govt. of Pakistan. Gilgit Bazar. GIA.edu Gemological Institute America, Gemology Research & Jewelry Arts Carlsbad CA. Xinhuanet.com

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Gemstones & Jewels of Pakistan: Emerald, Ruby & Spinel

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