Running fully successfully in Asia already on the awareness lemma 'Beauty Sans the Beast', meaning look good for good, greatly awarded and as well by media applauded Gold Bar firm of Bangkok comes about to a ground-breaking luxury natural skin and hair care product collections proposal from essential soaps, creams, serums and lotions through aromatherapy shower gels, body mists and massage oils to anti-ageing and face, body, hands and nail care other special treatments among many more indulgences, and moreover the ultimate launches of a super-tonic set for hair loss treatment and an exquisite line of exclusive signature parfums assured to overall the whole work wonders for long-term wellness and also stable happiness.

Natural solutions, luxuriously complete body care and other fully pampering options here on this Health Care & Natural Balance category with all other major part of the collections found likewise on Skin & Body Care and also Fragrances & Parfumes under the overall umbrella of Wellness.

Our distribution is intended for European markets as to the main outreach areas from DME Selects International main representative office overseas in Spain, whereas for any other dealings we might also cover or otherwise bounce off our peers or the maker brand itself in other regions for sales and any agreements beyond our coverage from this DME's Barcelona liaison and further our headquarters in Dubai, the Gulf / Middle East region in Asia and North Africa.

Full Catalog 2017 - The Gold Standard Collection with price list upon request are as well immediately available from us anytime to newly and all interested clients. Please do not hesitate to contact and enquire us about whatsoever the particular interest may be, wonderful surprises in exchange will surely be more than rewarding. 

Thanks - Gracias - Merci - Grazie - Danke - Obrigado...

Barcelona Liaison Branch - DME Selects International for Europe & The Americas.


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GOLD BAR Luxurious Naturals: Health & Natural Balance - The Gold Standard Collection

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