Upon placement of any order/s online at DME Selects International e-Store as registered users through the Client/s account facility option or for any particular reason by any other of the habitual means directly with our trading executives at office, once retrieval of payment receipt is acknowledged by us as the Client/s final confirmation on their interest purchase acceptance in terms of a firm order as per our general terms and conditions once also expressly agreeing to them, order is then set immediately to the ‘processing / processed’ status depending on readiness of goods, packaging and handling time and transport scheduling, whereafter dispatch by some of our preferred shipping companies brings it forward onto a ‘shipped’ status and until committed delivery fulfillment with order meeting lastly its ‘complete’ status. As the normal process followed overall for all Client/s purchases in progress upon confirmation from goods preparation at origin, over their shipment and carriage time and till delivery completion at destination.

Certain choice possibilities and flexibility for shipping and payment ways is now already thereon provided and anyway we clearly expect to further develop, improve or expand to others and whatever new more convenient challenges or goals in future about sea/ocean, air, road or railway freights transportation and networking, merchant-optimized value price goods payment and exchange ways or else absolutely as of stated and evident usefulness, practicality, interest and vantage at any time.

Nonetheless despite this surface versatility and adjustment about forms possible, quality and delivery remain the immovable priority and fundamental substance for us with our team attitudes rigourously demanding and expeditious on efficient deliverance about both, granting only of fully desirable, much welcome and successful export and import shipments and trading goods consignments and optimal procedure, logistics and tracking option assurance with comprehensive awareness, exactitude and precision.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to welcoming you among us soon on any first trial order/s, particular acquisition, regular supplies interest or future outstanding other businesses even eventually absolutely.

The Dome Middle East Group.