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Since their inception information and communication technologies (ICTs) are giving rise to varied access ranges and quality possibilities to individuals and legal entities and bodies to a whole new world of electronic, internet-based and digital systems, procedural options and process facilities to handle everydayness in distinctively practical, comfortable and preconfigured, even automated ways without need to move or change physical location or of usually more time-intensive and less efficient means, indeed substantially simplifying and facilitating dealings and resolving from the most ordinary, commonplace tasks and routine responsibilities to the least frequent or expected of occasional and extraordinary acts and deeds almost in a click.

Such timely injection of this series of economizing gross benefits and the enabling even of real-time communication and interaction options from any distances has ever since remained expanding and been progressively transferred and tested into other normally most demanding and taxing or hyperactive and committed of economic fields and action areas altogether including Governments administration but also businesses interdependent upon a widespread and/or dense territorial divisions, departments, branches and citizens, clients or consumer networks structure and likewise organizations, agencies or companies and other body corporates which despite not directly reliant on critical presence or distance limitations and constrictions seem to take enough significant vantage points or positioning out of these advance steps towards improved competitiveness, performance, outreach and results overall to anyway maintain in parallel a complementary or supportive online activity to strengthen and consolidate what otherwise is and might be achieved usually only by the habitual, customary material efforts and strategies on the ground in the actual scenarios of real and daily life and its common immediatenesses.     



From this understanding as well as of the normative frameworks for visionary national, elsewhere emulated, replicated and also international policies and other leading practices established or emerging from trade and commerce world hubs and growth epicenters, also us here at this company, D.M.E. Selections Trading establishment, amidst the tumultuous vortex of an ever-increasing ambition emanating from the global economy yet the controverted confusions prevailing thereon over our quiet pursuance goal of an export-import activity development optimally reaching out to all and remotest parts of the globe if necessary when applying in the interest of identifying the best quality and representative country supplies and offers then to project and promote them to other nations publics also sharing similar attitudes and acceptance towards the will to try, benefit and enjoy other contemporaries productions, makings and typicalities, have been weighing the wonderful assortment of advantages and mainly the immediate presence guarantee and access multiplying opportunities to reach, be in touch and deal with other businesses, distributors, manufacturers, merchants and purchasers usually supplying and trading with or acquiring similar ranges and categories of goods, quality select products and articles to the ones of our core and principal mainstreaming, all the more reason considering the multi-directional and cross-border supply and demand approach and the value goods transmission and transport chains across countries general merchantability objectives involved, in view of the optimal series of benefits and suitability being brought about by particular applications of electronic information systems, communication and transactions to commercial exchange as it is here our case of principally a wholesale trading activity operated and developed through the modern technological e-commerce means to the level provided by our advanced contemporary times as promoted, provisioned and encouraged by nowadays Emirati and in particular Dubaiti business custom standards and practices and actually also recognized ongoing new international trends, it turns the unmistakable, almost obliged conclusion eventually that e-channels for commerce such as internet, the world wide web, online payment gateways, persons and businesses credentials certification, authentication and signature methods and mainly formal effectiveness and validity of electronic documents, records and dealings enforcement are perfectly matching main representativeness coverage, clients, dealers and makers reaching potential and broad territorial ranges for the general commercial goals and needs of any business firm in effect to such the extent altogether and quite to our utmost satisfaction to have at some point also encouraged us to make the decision to launch our own particular embarkation onto the always surprising and challenging waters of world progress and science and technology advances.  


Nonetheless such monstrous WWW-space with some thousands of uncontrolled applications and malwares in constant functioning in addition to the radical anarchy on content imposition persistencies, misuses and non-authorized uses prevention, the heavy risks about forgery and fraud and users not always conscious of their acts actual or legal consequences and protection duties whilst performing on what is referred to also as hyper-reality make it clearly necessary and ever redundant for the secureness, safeguard and active protection of any own dealings and matters, individual or commercial, especially when in connection and relationship or affecting others ones also exposed to same system’s vulnerabilities to explicitly express certain clauses set organizing and proposing a secured and safe framework for any such personal, professional or business activities in the reference interest hereto or anyone’s own undertakings customary exchanges with us in U.A.E. as it is here the case as executed via this electronic particular online means and applying onward in the concrete terms set forth hereinafter in keeping and maintaining their goodwill harmony all the time as well with all other concerned exchanging countries general rules of Law defending the own and common interests, jurisdictions and competences on the national and international level unquestionably likewise with regard to the Internet and its stated and established uses for e-communication and exchange.          


Therefore, these terms and conditions set down next have been elaborated and issued as to a private contractual commercial instrument type to structure and govern as applying hereto to the general trading export and import-based sales and supply activity from our side, the company Dome Middle East Selections Trading, for the complete range of products and/or services -the Product/s- presented as appearing and listed on our D.M.E. Selects International online store catalogue in the domain’s web site www.dme-selectsinternational.com -the e-Store- for our guests and clients -the Client/s- information, viewing, knowledge, assessment and decisions on the same proposed offer as to their interest reciprocal purchasing and/or provisioning activity leading eventually to the completion of an indeterminate series of mutually-agreed and convened dealings -the Contract/s- through time taking place over this e-space for commercial dealing and fostering of merchant exchange from now onward.


Besides, we do not accept orders nor any kind of deals from any criminal and/or terrorist state, its organisms, agencies, movements or subjects with an emphasis on all already pronounced criminal, political and civil sentences with verdicts of guilty condemnation for atrocious crimes and terrorist action like genocide, mass torture and assassinations and any equiparable other ones against the same whether judged and accumulating at present or still pending.


On the inverse and also other substantially different terms some provisions are likewise placed on the extent to which we might arrange suitable and efficacious delivery to particular destinations or countries in anticipation of previsible or contingent limitations or restrictions. Please refer to section 3 of these terms and conditions for more detail on our general stance and policy in this regard.    


Lastly this web site store for e-commerce is owned and operated by Dome Middle East Selections Trading establishment in United Arab Emirates utilizing for the commercial purpose also indistinctively its brief trade name form D.M.E. Selects International.


  • Careful reading of these terms and conditions before placing any orders to D.M.E. Selects International is strongly recommended.

  • Use of this site’s store by ordering any products based on the information contained herein signifies the explicit agreement to the supply contract to be bound by these terms and conditions.

  • The web site Terms of Use -the Terms- set below govern the access and use of D.M.E. Selects International online store and they are conceded and warranted together with the registered accounts on condition of the express knowledge and/or tacit acceptance and respect thereof by the Client/s. In the same manner, conditions -the Conditions- for placing any orders and about payments, shipments and deliveries of the goods remains a matter of the shared and mutual awareness and binding responsibility of the two parties concerned to the contract agreement.

  • In case of disagreement with these Terms and Conditions to a significant extent, advice is the discouragement of and against this web site access and use in future.

  • D.M.E. Selects International reserves the right to modify, alter or update these Terms & Conditions occasionally. These changes will take effect instantly and become automatically binding both as to the e-Store’s site uses and to any ongoing or new Contract/s agreement/s. Therefore their review is recommended from time to time.




1. Terms of Use of D.M.E. Selects International web site


1.1.      My Account

In order to purchase any Product/s, it is required that the Client/s have a registered account with us. It is compulsory that Client/s are over eighteen years of age. And they should ensure that all the details provided upon registration or at any later time are correct and complete.


Should any changes occur to the information provided at the moment of registration or any details update happen in the ‘My Account’ area of the e-Store whilst any order/s are in progress, we’d expect to be informed immediately as to prevent any inconveniencies taking place with regard to their successful execution.


Confidentiality maintenance of account and password in connection with these Terms of Use is the strict responsibility of the Client/s as well as access control or restriction to their computer/s as to the prevention of unauthorized accesses. The Client/s expressly agree to acceptance of responsibility for all and any activities that occur under their accounts or passwords. It is assumed that the Client/s take all necessary steps to ensure that their passwords are kept confidential and secure and we’d expect that they inform us immediately if they have any reason to believe that their passwords have become known to anyone else, or if the passwords are being, or are likely to be used in an unauthorized manner.


For Client/s accumulating Reward Points in their Accounts, we’d kindly request them to contact us for further specification on these favourable conditions, redeeming options and their benefits as we’re currently still developing our Clients Care Program and it’s possible that in this manner we’d be then on these future occasions prepared and in a position to surprise them already with some agreeable and attractive piece of news.


We reserve the right to refuse access to our web site, terminate accounts, remove or edit content, or cancel orders at our discretion. If there’s judgment elements determining an order cancellation, contract conditions will prevail and establish the extent of responsibility, consequences and/or charges to be taken, assumed and/or paid by the Client/s depending on the extent and quality of loss and/or damage caused if ever.


We do not sell Product/s for purchase by children. We sell children's Product/s for purchase by adults. If you are under eighteen years of age, you may only order Product/s with the involvement and consent of a parent or guardian.


1.2.      e-Communication

Electronic communication takes place for instance when visiting and browsing through a web site, sending any e-mails or messages via online contact forms, when we communicate with our Client/s by e-mail or by posting notices on the web site, etc.


For contractual purposes, the Client/s expressly consent to receive communications from us electronically and agree on all contract agreements, notices, disclosures and any other communications that we provide to them electronically satisfying any legal requirement that such communications be in writing.


1.3.      Copyright & Author / Database Rights

All content included on our e-Store’s web site such as text, images, logos, button icons, graphics, audio clips, digital downloads, data compilations and software is our property or the property of our affiliates or our content suppliers and is protected by international copyright and database laws and treaties around the world. All such rights are reserved. The compilation of all and any contents on our web site is the exclusive property of D.M.E. Selects International or our affiliates or content suppliers and this is protected by United Arab Emirates and international copyright and database rights laws.


All software and applications to the purpose of our e-Store’s web site appropriate and satisfactory running are the property of D.M.E. Selects International or our affiliates or our IT suppliers and are protected by international copyright and authors rights' laws.


Visitors to our web site may not systematically extract and/or re-utilize parts of its content without our express written consent. In particular, users may not utilize any data-mining, robots or similar data-gathering and extraction tools to extract for reutilization, whether once or many times, any parts of this web site without our express written consent. Users may also not create and/or publish their own database featuring substantial parts (e.g. our prices and product listings) of our web site without our express written consent.


1.4.      Trademarks

Dome Middle East, DME Selects International and other marks indicated on our web site are trademarks or registered trademarks of D.M.E. Selects International, our affiliates and/or other jurisdictions of the Dome Middle East Group. Our trademarks and relative trade dress as appearing on our web site may not be used anywhere without our express written consent, in particular also not in connection with any products and services that are not featured on our web site in any manner that is likely to cause confusion or mistrust among our visitors and customers, or in any other manner that disparages, discredits or disrespects us.


All other trademarks not owned by us that appear on the web site are the property of their respective owners, who may or may not be affiliated with, connected to or sponsored by us.


1.5.      Intellectual Property Claims

We respect the intellectual property rights of others. Should a visitor believe that his intellectual property rights have been used in a way that gives rise to concerns of infringement, please contact us immediately.


1.6.      Product/s Information

We take care to ensure that information on Product/s including price, description, specifications, images and availability is always as accurate as possible.


However, updates might take place from time to time which may affect some or an important part of this information. In particular, awareness and double-check on featured Product/s availability is recommended specially if about goods or items categories normally including long or staged manufacturing processes or with temporarily ample, seasonal, yearly and even longer rotation times not to mention the usual sporadicalness or exceptionality intrinsic to collector’s pieces and other creations or unique purchasing chances overall as the general norm and unless expressly otherwise stated in the individual specifications for this type of products in particular that they are available ‘In Stock’ and hence immediately ready for their shipping.


It is another convenient reality the possibility of pre-ordering these certain season-limited, collection and/or design-line articles enough in advance thinking of delivery times the longest ones ranging sometimes between the one and two months maximum, therefore allowing this advance average or gross planning the avoidance of any incidental waits or immediacy-related urgencies.


In any event, whenever the situation might always anyway arise of Client/s not happy with the Product/s they receive it may be still possible to return the same in accordance with section 7. Returns Policy of these Terms and Conditions.


Typographical, clerical and unwanted / unconscious errors or omissions on the web site shall be subject to correction any time without any liability on our part.


1.7.      Safety & Health Precautions

It is strongly recommended upon receipt of any goods to read carefully any safety warnings and follow exactly the guidelines and recommendations on how to handle, use and/or make adequate consumption of the concerned Product/s.