Dome Middle East Selects International.com is one main part of the business establishment set out for the provision, planning and coordination of stable and indeed almost exceptional supplies for some of the best outstanding and top quality collections and product ranges of goods, brands and firms competing in the international, regional and national arenas to homolog publics of market investors, merchants, business owners, wholesale clients and participant actors overall likewise striving on routine for the upbuilding, systematizing, permanence and assurance through time of highest trade standards and commercial excellence in recurring ways over increasing continuance prospects in general for broader and better prosperities and enjoyments of life.

The company - D.M.E. Selections Trading -  has its main office and capabilities headquartered in Dubai and Ajman, United Arab Emirates, and its mission statement includes as well as integral part the agreement and abroad location of liaison branches to the further or better commercial action and representation purpose and the enhancement or facilitation of logistics in general for improved linkages and contact opportunities.

With this view in mind our first abroad division - D.M.E. Europe Atlantic & The Americas – since some years has been established in Barcelona, Spain, with successful accomplishment to date of the referred goals in relative terms and several distinctive undertakings nowadays in progress, others still under discussion or being worked out and wonderful new launches already under way actually.

Moreover, harmony with respect to our few basic commercial objectives brought forth the creation of this DME Selects International e-Store in response to the need for an accessible and comfortable space turning time more efficient and valuable to our esteemed visitors, contacts and friends from all sides of the globe and whereas it is well known that sometimes lacks of sufficient, timely or quality communication remain at present still too often the critical factor.

We thus believe that this internet-based channel might adequately and satisfactorily be contributing to improve, strengthen and generate our new and old relations with appreciated acquaintances and newcomers alike in the reasonable manner that can be expected considering its wide advantages but also counted critical limitations owing to direct touch when it becomes sometimes an imperative or simply the best or easiest way to tackle or deal with certain immediateness-related issues.

Besides the store’s site aims to multiply the possibilities for bringing its series of product portfolio ranges to a closer knowledge and reach to our regular and occasional clients and guests, and mainly as well provide adequate information and chances on their ongoing existence, constant evolvement and quite feasible purchase whatever and despite their sometimes much distant or complex origin anyway.

Clearly at home our obvious matter pending is the promptly opening of another frontline division to boost and advance our business ties and commercial relations with East Asia Pacific & Oceania yet nonetheless also thinking of current state of things and trends about trade, business cultures and consumer requirements certain priority westwards might still be well the logical and suitable option for preference for a while in principle.

Otherwise current stamina and level of exchanges, transits and bondages with the other Asian and also African regions and countries seem to be proving positive and good enough overall in relative terms to an extent making it possible regarding as well the former to handle any encounters and the regular dealings likewise from our main offices even and whether not having or relying on a direct presence there or in the Far East much to our actual moderate content.

In respect of our corporate values there’s not much we feel it as necessary to still concretize or add hereto beyond the common usual character of any firm contributing and redounding its good, honorable/ethical and upright doings to community.

Lastly it’s likewise fair to explicitly attribute some extra discernment and prudence benefitting this particular initiative as brought about by main brother establishment - D.M.E. Research & Studies – engaging with other sort of matters, businesses and undertakings of the human activity, pragmatism and leadership ranges yet anyway inevitably inferring a deeper understanding or better accuracy to this one’s own insight and conduction from time to time.

In any event and above all our guests, contacts and friends are much welcome always to visit this site and handle the same and interact with us in accordance and to the core purpose of the basic and advanced trading principles and goals set along the presentation of our present-day business proposal in keeping and mutually to theirs optimally for the fostering action overall of those genuine, original and evolutionary entrepreneurial and venture drives prompting for impeccable, excellent and even perfect fabulous synergies between tradition, progress and innovation in or outside markets in the international arenas worldwide for the sustained rise of standards, welfare and human realizations on life essences overall transcendentally. 

Many thanks for your attention and please receive herewith our sincerest regards with all best wishes,

The Dome Middle East Group.