Dome Middle East Selects International is a private corporate-type business establishment based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The firm’s object of activity is the general trading for exports and imports internationally acting as wholesaler, distributing and representing a variety of top-class brand names, product lines and other general assortments reputed for their prime qualities while about genuine makings with an established tradition in their countries of origin striving to bring forth to their publics always the best improvements and latest innovations with original and their most stylish creations and designs.

DME Selects International hence commits to proposing, promoting and supplying the best and top qualities in a range of goods and product categories that go from gourmet beverages and foodstuffs, through wellness, fashion, interior design, sports and leisure to performance apparel, technology equipments and other consumer and industry applications from diverse areas of specialized production and mastery developments and realizations in dealing with the brand names and merchandize ranges as convened upon our ongoing commercial portfolio with their manufacturer and producer firms and directed to a diversity of client segments and consumer publics from rigorous excellence standards, business practices and guarantees for outstanding satisfaction and confidence outcomes overall on stable self-exigencies, reliabilities and altogether trust built up by the firm through time.

Furthermore from our stance of total respect for right to privacy and confidentiality, this Privacy Statement to generally inform about our privacy practices for DME Selects International Web site and its background entity domain with no other established operational linkages or connections than the ones expressly indicated and described herein. Our visitors, registered users and clients whether stable, regular or occasional yet in any case browsing, making use and/or operating through their accounts here with us over the firm’s internet Web space can count on our 100% guarantee in this regard completely, all time and overall, actually as the first and main premise of these establishment’s commitments and part of our contribution to the construction of quality, fruitful and valuable relationships with them.


Privacy is a right to everyone and nonetheless also at the same time an established too much frequent concern hereto to many users of the Internet from reasonably normal to greater extents on particular security, vulneration or infringement risks awareness and as key part for a satisfactory and enjoyable, unabridged and integral user experience and overall.

We at DME Selects International are sensitive to these general privacy concerns and therefore to our Web site visitors, registered users and clients our assurance as hereby set forth that we do not collect personal information unless it is expressly provided to us by them. For instance, whenever deciding to purchase any of our top-quality product merchandise through our online store certain personal / organizational and bank card or payment information will be required. However this information turns here just necessary to the unique purposes of handling payment, assuring order completion and delivery and our own internal operational management.

Also and in particular, we do not provide or sell under any circumstances information about our customers or site visitors to anyone. Sole exception hereto in near future will be that one of our e-payment gateway provider Mashreq Bank PSC, the first and one of the most prestigious and experienced bank entities in the Gulf region starting managing their business clients’ and merchants’ online commercial operations and among the most internationally reputed ones worldwide, and where certain personal / organizational data will be confidentially required by them to be provided from our customers’ side to the enabling purpose of bank cards and payments processing over their secured e-transactions with us on .

In the same manner exactly, no data or information cession to third or non-incumbent parties will take place under any circumstances from our side and no use to any other purpose than the rigour ones hereby stated is going to be made by us as its only authorized party hereto and so exclusively this is convened with and by our registered users and clients upon registration and/or terms and conditions acceptance with us and no else other parties. Only qualification is about handling of purchases and goods supplies, and concretely their sending and delivery where intermediate parties like shipping lines or their transport agents, or postal and courier agencies are usually provided shipping documents in accompaniment of goods required to the purpose of delivery yet anyway usually containing and showing explicitly all main data concerning the shipment between two main parties as a matter of some additional trust expected being granted to any these intermediaries by default.  

Besides, our site contains sometimes links to other sites. We are not responsible for the privacy statements, practices and content in general regarding these other sites.

Information Collection

Information that we gather consists basically of personal / organizational information that we collect from a visitor to our site when this visitor freely and willingly explicitly provides it to us. We do not gather any personal or organizational data revealing political, religious or ideological adherences or other affiliations and memberships or information of any other strictly private sorts. And by the simple site’s browsing there is no personal or organizational information about our visitors being gathered at all.

In particular, all required necessary and/or voluntary data, of individual, commercial or corporate nature, provided to us over our Web site on the world wide web’s afore-cited domain will be kept and remain always from our side strictly confidential, protected, secured and even encrypted on our hosting’s database record files entitled for utilization only and exclusively by us and for the customary uses of any site’s normal performance and other nowadays additional utilities whenever activated, or otherwise their mere storage and permanent availability to secure the site’s correct and comprehensive running in connection with uses and preferences by registered users and any other extended functions when and if this so informed to and convened by them normally via our DME Selects International privacy policy hereto and also site’s usage terms and conditions common acceptance in a general manner.

If a visitor decides to purchase or register for an account with us, we will request certain information such as name of the person, company or organization on whose behalf the person gets into touch with us, postal address, telephone or fax number, e-mail address, bank card or payment details, and all other customary billing, shipping and delivery information.

Besides, running of a Web site by software applications usually contains by default among others the automatic collection of statistical information’s feature about visits received. This information does not identify visitors personally or in any other terms but focuses on visits themselves and their sort. Types of statistics that may be monitored encompass how many persons visit sites, how much frequently, which particular pages, users IP addresses or from which domains or through which browsers they reach sites, etcetera. Commonly these statistics are used for aggregation purposes, said to help improve sites performance. In our case this feature is not enabled on our Web site’s habitual running settings. Should we feel or would it become a need in future we will then correspondingly inform about this monitoring’s activation on this same Privacy Statement page in this specifically concerned section of our policy in relation to Information Collection.   

Minors Protection

Our commitment to protection of children and in general the underage stands by same premises as stated about legal adults’ privacy terms on previous section, that is to say, we do not collect or store information of any kind on our Web site’s server and running system nor is there any part/s of them particularly programmed or structured to deviously attract anyone underage or violate children’s rights including their privacy by no means and overall.   

This notwithstanding education and skills of the very young are already at early stages especially important likewise, hence considering this our Web site’s content may sometimes propose among its specific product offer useful reference knowledge or practical tools, games and toys to the acquisition and development of valuable and critical abilities and dexterities concretely to children and youth segments or in other words contributing to strengthen school or college curricula customary outcomes and beyond.

Cookies Usage

A cookie is a file that websites send to browsers, then stored on users’ computer systems to the general tracking purpose and to identify registered users or subscribers on sites; also cookies are said to improve sites navigation making it quicker and easier once keeping information about prior browser sessions and thus downloading next time again the stored information with more celerity.

Anyhow on browsers’ privacy settings cookies can also be disabled, deleted and managed overall together with internet security the users’ best preferred ways anytime in case of distrust they might be returning to sender any personal or other information from their computers or else other circumstances at own convenience.

From our side at the moment we do not make any use of cookies or have this tracking technology habilitated on our site’s application system to its common accepted established purposes. When doing this next before the requirement to identify our clients, registered users and visitors we will inform about the change here in this same concerned section of our Privacy Policy.

Responsible Treatment

The usual only data collected to its few handling purposes by us is as stated already on Information Collection section whereas on its storage on our site’s record files we at Dome Middle East Selects International entirely commit to its confidentiality and responsible treatment only hand in hand with the adoption and ensuring of controls and security measures to try to avoid to maximum any unauthorized accesses and prevent any uses by third parties with no kind of (legal) rights for this and on them, not to mention the express consent approval eventual attainment obligation hereto from the directly concerned parties one by one and including critically also ours in case of any such files property of DME Selects International of any ultimate illicit interest by whosoever other unincumbent ones. Only disclosure consideration would be eventually about a force majeure circumstance as to comply with Law.


From the moment we will be receiving through our Web site our clients and registered users personally or organization identifiable payment information, we will put security measures in place to minimize and protect against the risk of any losses or misuses and concretely by means of the Secure Sockets Layer or SSL protocol installation that will encrypt all data provided by them and including mainly the directly involved one upon online payment of any purchase orders via our site. We will duly inform of this here in this same section and place once SSL will be operative with us. 

Nonetheless, there is always some risk element in transmissions over the Internet and sending personal or corporate information and never a 100% security guarantee, hence we ensure this latter from our side to maximum extent possible with remaining and also overall responsibility on our clients’ side for their transactions likewise in turn their own decision and choice.


We may use the contact information entrusted to us by our registered users and clients to approach them from time to time to discuss quality and satisfaction with merchandise, exchanges, logistics and support with us and their best views, opinions or suggestions on their future improvement.

Valuable feedback will be much welcome and appreciated. They may be communicated directly by our Customer Care representatives. We will keep such communications to minimalist expressions and there will be always an option to stop them or block us if registrations are cancelled and at own discretion.

In this latter sense clients’ other reciprocal rights warrant and provide for access, modification, rectification, annulment, cancellation and/or permanent elimination possibilities of their information with us, that is, the data stored on our firm’s hosting record files such as the one of their registered accounts or historical record, and the accounts themselves at any time, whether in part or totally and as a free decision exercise of their own privacy, either by logging to their accounts and making directly any interest changes therein or otherwise placing the respective request to us by phone, email or on a letter and wait for final confirmation.

Also, we reserve the right to notify our clients and registered users of any information affecting the status of their current accounts, registrations and uses online on any occassion where this might eventually occur.

Policy Changes

In case of any change to this Privacy Statement, notice with date will be posted with immediate update of whatever concerned content on this site’s page.

Comments or any better suggestions on this Privacy Policy or any of its more awareness or sensitivity related aspects are welcome and we’ll appreciate any queries or concerns hereon to be shared with us.

While glad to assure this firm’s DME Selects International integral reliability we’re finally also much honoured with the trust by all our participant, collaborator and partner contemporaries’.

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Last update: March 2017