Leather and other fashion in footwear, bags, accessories and attire collections from nowadays panoramas of international makings, design and trends.

Original artisan traditions, genuine creativeness and innovation, craftsmanship for comfort and art in detail and style some the core essential premises from top accredited brands, maximum quality and the best guarantees to show and enjoy on all occasions through varied wears over plenty of preference diversities.
This the track we are in with competitive advantage the high value, accurate criterion our success to our esteemed clienteles and all rest in hands of makers in surprising all with best cares for prime leathers, splendid makings and top fashion intuition.
Some higher-end deluxe brands from worldwide renown origins and top-class designers complete and enhance all these expressions to their maximum standard possible where we're since more recently in deals with Italy, the sacred home of leather design in classic fashion trend-setting like France to pret-a-porter and haute couture clothing, also quite famous Spain extending to Catalonia origin and lastly likewise Denmark with still Japan and others in sight. We hope to be sharing gladness and varied new business options prospects anew on every and all these latest proposals superior attainment next.
To have a look at catalogs and current collection presentations for any particular brand or assortment, prices, to purchase, start of commercial relationship or just any type of enquiries please contact us or let us know without hesitating for an instant. Thank you.

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