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Since their inception information and communication technologies (ICTs) are giving rise to varied access ranges and quality possibilities to individuals and legal entities and bodies to a whole new world of electronic, internet-based and digital systems, procedural options and process facilities to handle everydayness in distinctively practical, comfortable and preconfigured, even automated ways without need to move or change physical location or of usually more time-intensive and less efficient means, indeed substantially simplifying and facilitating dealings and resolving from the most ordinary, commonplace tasks and routine responsibilities to the least frequent or expected of occasional and extraordinary acts and deeds almost in a click.

Such timely injection of this series of economizing gross benefits and the enabling even of real-time communication and interaction options from any distances has ever since remained expanding and been progressively transferred and tested into other normally most demanding and taxing or hyperactive and committed of economic fields and action areas altogether including Governments administration but also businesses interdependent upon a widespread and/or dense territorial divisions, departments, branches and citizens, clients or consumer networks structure and likewise organizations, agencies or companies and other body corporates which despite not directly reliant on critical presence or distance limitations and constrictions seem to take enough significant vantage points or positioning out of these advance steps towards improved competitiveness, performance, outreach and results overall to anyway maintain in parallel a complementary or supportive online activity to strengthen and consolidate what otherwise is and might be achieved usually only by the habitual, customary material efforts and strategies on the ground in the actual scenarios of real and daily life and its common immediatenesses.     



From this understanding as well as of the normative frameworks for visionary national, elsewhere emulated, replicated and also international policies and other leading practices established or emerging from trade and commerce world hubs and growth epicenters, also us here at this company, D.M.E. Selections Trading establishment, amidst the tumultuous vortex of an ever-increasing ambition emanating from the global economy yet the controverted confusions prevailing thereon over our quiet pursuance goal of an export-import activity development optimally reaching out to all and remotest parts of the globe if necessary when applying in the interest of identifying the best quality and representative country supplies and offers then to project and promote them to other nations publics also sharing similar attitudes and acceptance towards the will to try, benefit and enjoy other contemporaries productions, makings and typicalities, have been weighing the wonderful assortment of advantages and mainly the immediate presence guarantee and access multiplying opportunities to reach, be in touch and deal with other businesses, distributors, manufacturers, merchants and purchasers usually supplying and trading with or acquiring similar ranges and categories of goods, quality select products and articles to the ones of our core and principal mainstreaming, all the more reason considering the multi-directional and cross-border supply and demand approach and the value goods transmission and transport chains across countries general merchantability objectives involved, in view of the optimal series of benefits and suitability being brought about by particular applications of electronic information systems, communication and transactions to commercial exchange as it is here our case of principally a wholesale trading activity operated and developed through the modern technological e-commerce means to the level provided by our advanced contemporary times as promoted, provisioned and encouraged by nowadays Emirati and in particular Dubaiti business custom standards and practices and actually also recognized ongoing new international trends, it turns the unmistakable, almost obliged conclusion eventually that e-channels for commerce such as internet, the world wide web, online payment gateways, persons and businesses credentials certification, authentication and signature methods and mainly formal effectiveness and validity of electronic documents, records and dealings enforcement are perfectly matching main representativeness coverage, clients, dealers and makers reaching potential and broad territorial ranges for the general commercial goals and needs of any business firm in effect to such the extent altogether and quite to our utmost satisfaction to have at some point also encouraged us to make the decision to launch our own particular embarkation onto the always surprising and challenging waters of world progress and science and technology advances.  


Nonetheless such monstrous WWW-space with some thousands of uncontrolled applications and malwares in constant functioning in addition to the radical anarchy on content imposition persistencies, misuses and non-authorized uses prevention, the heavy risks about forgery and fraud and users not always conscious of their acts actual or legal consequences and protection duties whilst performing on what is referred to also as hyper-reality make it clearly necessary and ever redundant for the secureness, safeguard and active protection of any own dealings and matters, individual or commercial, especially when in connection and relationship or affecting others ones also exposed to same system’s vulnerabilities to explicitly express certain clauses set organizing and proposing a secured and safe framework for any such personal, professional or business activities in the reference interest hereto or anyone’s own undertakings customary exchanges with us in U.A.E. as it is here the case as executed via this electronic particular online means and applying onward in the concrete terms set forth hereinafter in keeping and maintaining their goodwill harmony all the time as well with all other concerned exchanging countries general rules of Law defending the own and common interests, jurisdictions and competences on the national and international level unquestionably likewise with regard to the Internet and its stated and established uses for e-communication and exchange.          


Therefore, these terms and conditions set down next have been elaborated and issued as to a private contractual commercial instrument type to structure and govern as applying hereto to the general trading export and import-based sales and supply activity from our side, the company Dome Middle East Selections Trading, for the complete range of products and/or services -the Product/s- presented as appearing and listed on our D.M.E. Selects International online store catalogue in the domain’s web site www.dme-selectsinternational.com -the e-Store- for our guests and clients -the Client/s- information, viewing, knowledge, assessment and decisions on the same proposed offer as to their interest reciprocal purchasing and/or provisioning activity leading eventually to the completion of an indeterminate series of mutually-agreed and convened dealings -the Contract/s- through time taking place over this e-space for commercial dealing and fostering of merchant exchange from now onward.


Besides, we do not accept orders nor any kind of deals from any criminal and/or terrorist state, its organisms, agencies, movements or subjects with an emphasis on all already pronounced criminal, political and civil sentences with verdicts of guilty condemnation for atrocious crimes and terrorist action like genocide, mass torture and assassinations and any equiparable other ones against the same whether judged and accumulating at present or still pending.


On the inverse and also other substantially different terms some provisions are likewise placed on the extent to which we might arrange suitable and efficacious delivery to particular destinations or countries in anticipation of previsible or contingent limitations or restrictions. Please refer to section 3 of these terms and conditions for more detail on our general stance and policy in this regard.    


Lastly this web site store for e-commerce is owned and operated by Dome Middle East Selections Trading establishment in United Arab Emirates utilizing for the commercial purpose also indistinctively its brief trade name form D.M.E. Selects International.


  • Careful reading of these terms and conditions before placing any orders to D.M.E. Selects International is strongly recommended.

  • Use of this site’s store by ordering any products based on the information contained herein signifies the explicit agreement to the supply contract to be bound by these terms and conditions.

  • The web site Terms of Use -the Terms- set below govern the access and use of D.M.E. Selects International online store and they are conceded and warranted together with the registered accounts on condition of the express knowledge and/or tacit acceptance and respect thereof by the Client/s. In the same manner, conditions -the Conditions- for placing any orders and about payments, shipments and deliveries of the goods remains a matter of the shared and mutual awareness and binding responsibility of the two parties concerned to the contract agreement.

  • In case of disagreement with these Terms and Conditions to a significant extent, advice is the discouragement of and against this web site access and use in future.

  • D.M.E. Selects International reserves the right to modify, alter or update these Terms & Conditions occasionally. These changes will take effect instantly and become automatically binding both as to the e-Store’s site uses and to any ongoing or new Contract/s agreement/s. Therefore their review is recommended from time to time.




1. Terms of Use of D.M.E. Selects International web site


1.1.      My Account

In order to purchase any Product/s, it is required that the Client/s have a registered account with us. It is compulsory that Client/s are over eighteen years of age. And they should ensure that all the details provided upon registration or at any later time are correct and complete.


Should any changes occur to the information provided at the moment of registration or any details update happen in the ‘My Account’ area of the e-Store whilst any order/s are in progress, we’d expect to be informed immediately as to prevent any inconveniencies taking place with regard to their successful execution.


Confidentiality maintenance of account and password in connection with these Terms of Use is the strict responsibility of the Client/s as well as access control or restriction to their computer/s as to the prevention of unauthorized accesses. The Client/s expressly agree to acceptance of responsibility for all and any activities that occur under their accounts or passwords. It is assumed that the Client/s take all necessary steps to ensure that their passwords are kept confidential and secure and we’d expect that they inform us immediately if they have any reason to believe that their passwords have become known to anyone else, or if the passwords are being, or are likely to be used in an unauthorized manner.


For Client/s accumulating Reward Points in their Accounts, we’d kindly request them to contact us for further specification on these favourable conditions, redeeming options and their benefits as we’re currently still developing our Clients Care Program and it’s possible that in this manner we’d be then on these future occasions prepared and in a position to surprise them already with some agreeable and attractive piece of news.


We reserve the right to refuse access to our web site, terminate accounts, remove or edit content, or cancel orders at our discretion. If there’s judgment elements determining an order cancellation, contract conditions will prevail and establish the extent of responsibility, consequences and/or charges to be taken, assumed and/or paid by the Client/s depending on the extent and quality of loss and/or damage caused if ever.


We do not sell Product/s for purchase by children. We sell children's Product/s for purchase by adults. If you are under eighteen years of age, you may only order Product/s with the involvement and consent of a parent or guardian.


1.2.      e-Communication

Electronic communication takes place for instance when visiting and browsing through a web site, sending any e-mails or messages via online contact forms, when we communicate with our Client/s by e-mail or by posting notices on the web site, etc.


For contractual purposes, the Client/s expressly consent to receive communications from us electronically and agree on all contract agreements, notices, disclosures and any other communications that we provide to them electronically satisfying any legal requirement that such communications be in writing.


1.3.      Copyright & Author / Database Rights

All content included on our e-Store’s web site such as text, images, logos, button icons, graphics, audio clips, digital downloads, data compilations and software is our property or the property of our affiliates or our content suppliers and is protected by international copyright and database laws and treaties around the world. All such rights are reserved. The compilation of all and any contents on our web site is the exclusive property of D.M.E. Selects International or our affiliates or content suppliers and this is protected by United Arab Emirates and international copyright and database rights laws.


All software and applications to the purpose of our e-Store’s web site appropriate and satisfactory running are the property of D.M.E. Selects International or our affiliates or our IT suppliers and are protected by international copyright and authors rights' laws.


Visitors to our web site may not systematically extract and/or re-utilize parts of its content without our express written consent. In particular, users may not utilize any data-mining, robots or similar data-gathering and extraction tools to extract for reutilization, whether once or many times, any parts of this web site without our express written consent. Users may also not create and/or publish their own database featuring substantial parts (e.g. our prices and product listings) of our web site without our express written consent.


1.4.      Trademarks

Dome Middle East, DME Selects International and other marks indicated on our web site are trademarks or registered trademarks of D.M.E. Selects International, our affiliates and/or other jurisdictions of the Dome Middle East Group. Our trademarks and relative trade dress as appearing on our web site may not be used anywhere without our express written consent, in particular also not in connection with any products and services that are not featured on our web site in any manner that is likely to cause confusion or mistrust among our visitors and customers, or in any other manner that disparages, discredits or disrespects us.


All other trademarks not owned by us that appear on the web site are the property of their respective owners, who may or may not be affiliated with, connected to or sponsored by us.


1.5.      Intellectual Property Claims

We respect the intellectual property rights of others. Should a visitor believe that his intellectual property rights have been used in a way that gives rise to concerns of infringement, please contact us immediately.


1.6.      Product/s Information

We take care to ensure that information on Product/s including price, description, specifications, images and availability is always as accurate as possible.


However, updates might take place from time to time which may affect some or an important part of this information. In particular, awareness and double-check on featured Product/s availability is recommended specially if about goods or items categories normally including long or staged manufacturing processes or with temporarily ample, seasonal, yearly and even longer rotation times not to mention the usual sporadicalness or exceptionality intrinsic to collector’s pieces and other creations or unique purchasing chances overall as the general norm and unless expressly otherwise stated in the individual specifications for this type of products in particular that they are available ‘In Stock’ and hence immediately ready for their shipping.


It is another convenient reality the possibility of pre-ordering these certain season-limited, collection and/or design-line articles enough in advance thinking of delivery times the longest ones ranging sometimes between the one and two months maximum, therefore allowing this advance average or gross planning the avoidance of any incidental waits or immediacy-related urgencies.


In any event, whenever the situation might always anyway arise of Client/s not happy with the Product/s they receive it may be still possible to return the same in accordance with section 7. Returns Policy of these Terms and Conditions.


Typographical, clerical and unwanted / unconscious errors or omissions on the web site shall be subject to correction any time without any liability on our part.


1.7.      Safety & Health Precautions

It is strongly recommended upon receipt of any goods to read carefully any safety warnings and follow exactly the guidelines and recommendations on how to handle, use and/or make adequate consumption of the concerned Product/s.


In case of any questions or doubts hereupon or about the intended uses, (pre-)requisites or conditions the Product/s are devised for or rightly applied to or optimally consumed, we urge our Client/s to contact us or directly the manufacturer as best preferred for clarification prior to their first-time use or tryout.


D.M.E. Selects International will not be held responsible for any thoughtless, rash or negligent use, misuse or abuse of any Product/s supplied and delivered by us and from our e-Store. Nothing beyond manufacturers’ original and genuine instructions or recommendations should be thought to improve any Product/s best expected performance and/or consumer satisfaction ability necessarily even before the most knowledgeable of proven usual inspirations, skills and dexterities, and external alterations, supersedences or any other experimental practices might include always certain risk degree or danger of the irreversible corruption or harming of the Product/s.


In other respects, in those cases where no instructions have been issued and our Client/s might have any Product/s know-how related queries with regard to their purchases, we kindly and earnestly request them to contact and consult directly with the manufacturer.



2. Conditions for the Purchase of Product/s



2.1.      Contract

The placing of an order or the realization of a pre-order to purchase any Product/s from our e-Store at http://www.dme-selectsinternational.com means the confirmed interest and acceptance from the side of the Client/s on the particular acquisition concerned.


An e-mail will be then sent to the Client/s acknowledging receipt of the order/s and containing all their details and the address for delivery as the confirmation from our side of their status as ‘Accepted Order/s’. Anyhow this does not yet mean that the order/s are completely confirmed at this point.


The formally binding contract between our Client/s and us on any Product/s purchase/s -the Contract- will originate and come only into force upon receipt by the Client/s of an e-mail from our side containing the ‘Order Confirmation’ message and with this order confirmation containing the detailed pro-forma invoice with the purchased goods total value.


The message will also inform of the new order/s status as of turning into process, and concretely on a ‘processed’ status for those orders consigned for an immediate dispatch of the purchased Product(s) to the Client/s supplied delivery address or otherwise on a ‘processing’ status for those ones normally, by system or on request encompassing any intermediate steps such as any special wrapping and packing, as a whole or into separate parts, on the necessary protective and safety measures of those articles requiring any extra careful handling for the purpose of their shipment and delivery to be assured and warranted in hundred-per-cent perfect conditions like all others without exception, or the preparation or application of any particular, additional or expressly required treatment, composition or procedure of interest to the purchased goods prior to their packaging and immediate dispatch then after, or whatever else might best apply at any time in accordance with any special guarantees and/or considerations to take into account and accomplish about the Product/s most quality, secure and reliable sending, transportation and delivery and as well the Client/s maximum satisfaction fundamental covenant altogether as the basic distinctions and main premises ruling over absolutely all and any order/s all general, specific, special and/or extra cares and cautions necessary, required and/or inherent to each particular kind, type or nature of goods always met, fully safeguarded and top-quality sealed.


Likewise it is also possible in a similar manner to place pre-orders for any of the Product/s on our e-Store having been expressly signaled as of pertaining to that particular category of articles either made to order or responding to particular order specifications or any personalized requirements or requests when applying, or of being manufactured only in terms of limited-edition or -collection Product/s upon confirmation of these certain variable conditions or otherwise on commissioned terms for any specific or special purpose series or design or art-related articles declaring their uniqueness precisely due to this consigner production of theirs in advance on closed and exclusive order terms only. In these cases procedure remains and will be exactly the same one set down above, the only difference being that this type of order/s are activated directly onto a ‘processing’ status upon their agreement also under a distinctive manufacture and follow-up frame until their finalization and readiness confirmation for dispatch. 


Any Product/s contained in any order/s which do not obtain a positive definite acknowledgement on our Order Confirmation e-mail, either as having been processed and consigned for immediate dispatch or set to a processing status for any necessary intermediate handling or the start itself of any particular, specific or special making terms on their pre-order for the differential composition or configuration of their final supply as detailed above, do not form part of the effective Contract between the Client/s and us. We will not be obliged to supply any other Product/s which may have been part of the Client/s order until the definite acceptance of such Product/s has been confirmed on an independent Order Confirmation e-mail on the express, unique and univocal terms referring this same origination act for the Contract establishing the series of its binding terms and conditions as stated on this page all along the contractual premises and principles governing our e-commerce activity, trading practices and transactions with our Client/s overall as responding to this firm’s business norms organization.


Beside the Client/s are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the terms of any order they process, accept and submit to us. And anyway we reserve our right to reject any order/s.


Finally, in a general manner Client/s should be aware that once dispatch and delivery processes are started the former will not be able nor entitled or have any cancellation right on any ongoing and advanced Contract/s statuses that they have with us continuing over these same progress stages until order/s completion other than the cancellation option/s provided on our policy of returns.


These Terms and Conditions are incorporated into all Contract/s systematically being formed between our Client/s and us.


2.2.      Third Parties

We accept orders as agents on behalf of third-party sellers and market operators - Third Party or Parties. In these conditions and by default of other particular arrangements in express, the resulting Contract takes place and effect between our Client/s and that Third Party and is subject to the applicable terms and conditions of that Third Party whereon Client/s will be directly advised of prior to their order/s confirmation being their careful review strongly recommended as applying to any transaction/s with them.


D.M.E. Selects International, Dome Middle East Group and our Affiliate/s are not liable for the acts, errors, omissions, representations, warranties, breaches or negligence of any Third Parties, or for any personal injuries, death property damage or any other damages or expenses resulting therefrom. Likewise we have and will hold no liability and make no refund in the event of any delay, cancellation, overbooking, strike, force majeure or other causes beyond our direct control, in the same way that we have no responsibility and will not respond in any case for any additional or unexpected expense, omission, delay, re-routing or act by any Government or Authority as resulting from any orders placed and products or services purchased from any Third Parties.


Our Client/s will be notified whenever any Third Party of ours is involved in a transaction. Also in the case if ever, that the Third Party requests from us to disclose any private customer information related to any ongoing transaction/s as for the obtaining of the corresponding informed consent.


We may provide on our web site links to the web sites of other companies, whether Third Parties or not. And as well of Affiliates and Partners. Nonetheless we don’t give any undertaking in regard of their concrete and particular business standards and quality conditions as equaling our premises, hence disclaiming any responsibility hereon which will in any case remain their own absolutely about any of such purchases and warranties eventually as well as final Client/s satisfaction on agreed terms and conditions, order/s execution and delivery of goods or product/s overall.


2.3.      Availability of Product/s

Occasionally Product/s may be temporarily out of stock. Whenever this occurs, message is shown on the concerned Product/s e-index card online, in the right-side section providing all details for any order’s purchase like item’s brief description, brand, code, price, availability and desired quantity together with the add-to-cart option.


This means that Client/s might be able to in general become easily aware of any Product/s availability status from the onset of any interest search or checking just by confirming this particular information appearing among at the side of all Product/s characteristics on our web site.


Besides, our shopping-cart detection rules should be likewise immediately displaying a notice adverting our Client/s to any casual non-availability of stock goods or as default system norm for any made-to-order articles in which case pre-order should prove to be a good alternative solution in case of no adequate substitutes in immediate readiness over this sudden and uncontrolled predicament on our side normally owing to seasonal only provisions or unforeseen Product/s successes amidst short manufacturing supplies, or otherwise the best option for acquiring other frequently exceptional or personalized-on-request valuable and even exclusive supplies.


Finally, last warning hereto should appear upon check-out process by displaying all available Product/s in the form of a pro-forma invoice with the total value of the purchased goods excepting for those quantities or amounts respective to out-of-stock Product/s whereon the message content should then prove determinedly clear finally to all of us to its immediate consequent effects.


Nonetheless anyway as Client/s order/s are processed unavailability of any Product/s will always be informed by e-mail over our communication exchanges with them and in no event will ever any payment be expected or processed in connection with the same, only unless it might be about a pre-order and delivery may be expected within a reasonable time or as per the date parameters agreed hereon with the Client/s in which cases we will take full payment or fix any other partial delivery-payment mutually convened ways whose amount/s will remain non-refundable in any event from the moment of order/s started being processed like for all other cases and as a general norm.


2.4.      Pricing of Product/s

Our firm’s origin and operating currency is the Arab Emirati Dirham (AED) and all prices of our Product/s ranges and collections are in A. E. Dirhams as per our official price list and standards. It is the governing currency of our D.M.E. Selects International e-Store and any price-related or other currency-pairing exercise modification, alteration, correction or calculation necessary is always based on the A.E. Dirham stability and its yearly value update weightings while this currency management remains the smart option to adhere to.


The official prices of our Product/s are the prices indicated on the relevant pages of our e-Store, except in case of exceptional obvious error. Nonetheless we are enabling a multi-currency framework making Product/s views anyway possible in other countries’ currencies. This feature is part of our e-Store’s OpenCart application software and it functions based on a daily DCC update -dynamic currency conversion- for reference purposes for our Client/s.


Likewise the A.E. Dirham is our firm’s general invoicing currency, despite invoices and any commercial documents might always be adapted and displayed in accordance with the destination countries’ currencies of the goods being sent to showing then all amounts in both currencies at the reference date’s exchange rate, or in its place the most stable and reliable pairing rate over a reasonable time period performance depending on currencies fluctuation/s, trends and exchange safeties, or as however else in other circumstances we, the two sides, might best agree on a different arrangement to this purpose.


Total amounts due are inclusive of shipping and/or delivery charges, all of them in principle at the beginning of any starting relationship with new Client/s, and/or any taxes where applicable that are added to the cost of the purchased goods value. We’d kindly refer to sections 2.5 next, 4 and 8 of these terms and conditions for further details on payment and shipping terms, customs duties and/or taxes explaining total cost habitual components, their execution and process/es.


In regard to liability for any import duties and/or taxes applicable levied upon goods over any shipments these might be normally charged in the own currency of the Client/s delivery destination country. Hence, any exchange difference hereto ought to be resolved in any most  coherent and reasonable ways likewise. Please be referred anyway for a broader detail to section 8.


We reserve the right to modify prices at any time, yet whilst prices might be liable to change this change will not affect nor alter in any form purchase/s in respect of which Order Confirmation e-mails have been already forwarded, or in other words for all and any already accepted and confirmed ongoing order/s.


Whilst we make every effort to ensure that all prices are accurate and up-to-date sometimes unavoidable errors do occur in which some stated prices prove at sudden to be roundly incorrect. Should any of these accidents arise amidst a process of confirmation, processing and/or delivery of any order/s we will immediately inform the Client/s upon detection of the incidence or mistake about the same as well as of the Product/s authentic correct price to confirm their agreement to the change and on continuing with the transaction or shipment by accepting paying the difference amount if it is the case of the correct price being higher than the one stated on our web site, and to the opposite should the former prove to be in fact lower equally would the Client/s be immediately contacted and notified of the mistake or lapse to decide on whether to cancel immediately the order in exchange for a full refund of the paid amount or otherwise to proceed anyway with it by annulling the wrong invoice in substitution for the corresponding correct new one and accepting to receive a refund for the difference between the actual and the mistaken higher selling price paid depending the most reasonably acceptable option altogether on the gravity, amounting and extent of the detected mistake passing unnoticed up to that moment.


Besides, we are under no obligation to provide our Client/s with Product/s at incorrect (lower) prices and reciprocally they have no reasons to accept any delivery at incorrect (higher) goods values, even if after order confirmation or whilst in process, in case of the pricing error being obvious and unmistakable, really liable to its easy and quick recognition as a mispricing in the best reasonability terms of both sides.


2.5.     Payment Ways

Upon Client/s realization of any purchase/s for Product/s on our e-Store and once retrieving the respective Order Confirmation e-mail from us containing the detailed pro-forma invoice with all articles descriptions and prices showing the grand total for the purchased goods value, this sales conditional will then be dependent upon Client/s payment processing and its due-time confirmation via the default established payment method’s usual receipt acknowledgement means for its final issuance as a firm purchase associated to an official invoice being delivered from our side.


In principle the easiest and most comfortable payment way preferred by us to accept from the side of our Client/s is the bank transfer whatever the concerned order volumes or billing amounts, including the occasions of any initial trial order/s for Product/s with certain probability of becoming recurring purchase/s, the expected satisfaction and outcomes resulting from the same.

Transfer order/s should be issued on behalf of Dome Middle East Selections Trading and payable onto our firm’s bank account with international bank account number (Iban) ES59-0182-0171-80-0200324437 and designated bank entity’s BBVA Swift code BBVAESMMXXX as responding to our logistics coordination office in Barcelona, Spain, responsible among others for handling our international payments centralized receipt, the matter hereupon so delegated and appointed to the same by default in general.


It is also possible to convene the alternative possibility for other payment methods such as bank cheques, payments direct debiting, bank drafts and letters of credit whenever their conditions count on the reciprocity agreement/s necessary between the issuing and receiving bank entities for exchange and depending on the concerned origin countries in each case involved in any transaction/s between our Client/s and us. 

Their terms for any of these alternatives above should be then firstly negotiated and agreed between each other, our Client/s and us with the respective banks intercession or positioning known in their regard, as another possible way of starting our commercial or business dealings at this stage by these and any other most convenient and/or optimal of the existent available options.

Therefore and as a start we are requesting the advance payment from the side of our Client/s by default for confirmation of any sales conditional order/s or pro-forma/s and the consequent issuance in exchange of the official firm’s firm invoice/s for the interest Product/s, supplies or acquisitions delivered together with the transfer of title to the purchased goods property/ies.

This last premise does also apply in particular to all those cases about pre-orders for certain goods, items or quantities that might be occasionally not readily available in stock, whatever their agreed delivery timings, and as well to any pre-orders, special manufacturing orders or made-to-order purchases or acquisitions whether on conditions of exclusivity, as limited-edition series or inclusive of particular, personalized or any other further requests with regard to usual basic or baseline characteristics, design and composition for these items and articles.

Besides and back to the former point, we do nonetheless not discard conceding and opening to more flexible payment options at any most appropriate time upon certain evolvement of these initial relationship/s whenever conditions of mutual appreciation might best allow, enhance or recommend such confidence and trust development.

And in any event we expect and are also accepting new proposals or any other suggestions or ideas in whatever of these instrumental and operational regards of mutual affectation and concern with pro-positive attitudes and interest from any sides concerned and in general.  

Finally on payment ways, we are in deals with some banking and card-payment handling entities to include as well the habitual e-payment convenience at our e-Store but some lateness in this regard seems to be delaying this functionality activation for us.

Needless to say once it will get operative on our web site is that as absolutely elsewhere it will be normally accepting the most usual and recurrent card types such as Visa and MasterCard and also other habitual payment gateways like Paypal. Similarly as before, charges will be made upon order/s placing once they are confirmed and pro-forma invoice is issued and accepted by the Client/s. Furthermore for e-Store transactions security, all will be encrypted using SSL technology, verified and authenticated through 3D Secure Technology, certified PCI-DSS and configured against fraud risk yet within the broader web site’s running providing tokenization, or the stable and safe web-storing of Client/s information data and payment card/s details, and overall applying the registration condition as caution pre-requisite for any orders, payments and purchases altogether on a reciprocal authorization, trust and agreement basis.

Lastly, all and any invoice payments shall appear on Client/s bank statements as "Dome Middle East Selections Trading, Ajman, United Arab Emirates" and be effected in AED or in any otherwise agreed currency. Also whenever applying payments conversion into the Client/s national / home currency will be effected at the payment’s date prevailing rate or as otherwise agreed as per the above options or any equally appropriate others that might be proposed. It is our assumption Client/s acceptance to bear any charges related to payment in a currency other than the A.E. Dirham. In particular on e-payments via bank and payment cards online whenever this might be the case, exchange rates between Client/s national currencies and the A.E. Dirham and any others are normally determined by their issuing credit card providers and in addition to transaction fees operations may still be charged and include an extra mark-up on the standard exchange rate between any pair of currencies. These rates and fees are the own policy by card providers and therefore we expect any such variances in the exchange rates or transaction fees to remain solely to the Client/s account. More particulars on other payment sorts are rather more related to Client/s conditions and negotiability terms in regard to their contracted products current agreements in general with no concerned precisions from our side to add or mention thereon.  


2.6.      Risk & Title to Goods Property



Upon confirmation of any new order/s, recurring or cyclical purchases, repetition pro-formas or sales conditional/s, ownership of the reference Product/s, supplies or acquisitions will pass to Client/s when we receive full payment for the total amount of the valued goods as per the price/s on our firm official invoice/s issued with all direct costs and/or responsibilities also duly covered.

Under the concept of direct costs and responsibilities it is to be understood that they comprise all or any separate sums due either to us, our partners or agents and/or the competent Authorities in respect of the purchased goods for their associated shipping / delivery charges and Customs duties / Taxes as applicable and according to the agreed transport terms and the governing norms and rules at the ports of origin and destination.

Hence, fulfillment of goods payment terms and their delivery externalities is the main condition conferring the title to goods property. Goods will then pass to and remain at the Client/s risk onwards. For more details about goods direct responsibility and cost attribution please refer to next section specifications on commercial sales transportation and purchases delivery contract terms options.



3.   Shipping & Delivery Policy


In general, Client/s orders will be fulfilled by the delivery dates and as per any specific schedulings or additional particulars agreed with them beforehand and set as appearing on the definite Order Confirmation e-mail or, in case of no delivery dates specified, approximately within 30 days maximum or any other shorter acceptable time period from the sent date of our Order Confirmation e-mail and unless exceptional circumstances might concur.

We do not accept any liability for the late delivery of the purchased Product/s for reasons and causes beyond our immediate reasonable control or owing to unavoidable incidences related to transport or delivery which are not in our hands, whilst from the opposite angle every effort will be made on our side for all deliveries assurance according to the concerted planning with expeditiousness, celerity and promptitude without errors or delays, or in other words, with maximum commitment.

As to the particular commercial terms on the sales-purchases contracts, confirmed pro-forma invoices, final official invoices or as otherwise formally specified with regard to goods transportation and deliveries about international transactions and/or involving customary export and import processes, liabilities, costs, responsibilities and risks will be estimated and assigned in advance with utmost exactitude based on the best business practices and accurate standards for their final sure information to Client/s together with precision on shipments arrangement, time progress and updates on the key relevant logistical, operational and practical events at the moment of their occurrence and advance until ordered goods positive and successful delivery is eventually confirmed from their final destination point.

To this purpose and the execution and accomplishment of shipments as much impeccable as possible our firm counts on the inestimable collaboration and support of leading shipping companies, lines and agents - our Shipping Partners - for the several regional areas of our international coverage with expert handling of transport routes and international freight connections and interchanges, perfect acquaintanceship and know-how regarding countries general and particular procedure rules and habitual customs practices on outgoing and incoming goods and any generic or special conditions applying to them, and finally as well distinctive delivery of freights by all sea/ocean, air and land shipping ways and also railway where existent and available.



3.1.      Shipping Terms

International trade in general and commercial sales-purchases transactions in particular involving export-import contracts for goods and their transport, distribution and delivery across national frontiers and (sub-)continents count for the routine agreement on shipping rules on a flexible series of negotiable norms and conditions for manufacturers, traders and the business sector stipulating and allocating goods liabilities and handling and responsibility costs basically consisting in a gradable scale of correspondences from minor to major assumptions on the reciprocal sides of delivery from sellers to buyers.

Furthermore, most habitual and relevant shipping terms are resumed and simplified on a codified classification, Incoterms®, aimed at homogenizing differences internationally, prompting swift agreements hereon and to act as the fundamental common reference by the International Chamber of Commerce.

In any event shipping regulations are supposed always to facilitate business and its dealings taking place continuously on a regular daily basis at the same time everywhere in the world from multiple and diverse negotiation fields, official jurisdictions and country legal frameworks.

Concretely, traders agreements on shipments and the usual correspondences between customary export-import procedures with all their steps, liabilities, costs and derived risks normally encompass a three-stage process that:

  • starts at the port of origin: with export tasks comprising customs declaration and goods initial carriage from seller’s premises, unloading & loading via the transport means chosen

  • until reaching the port of destination: including the main carriage, its insurance, and import tasks like unloading, customs clearance / duties and taxes payment

  • and ending at the final place of delivery: basically encompassing the final loading, carriage & delivery to buyer’s premises       


Hence, any Contract/s where foreign sales and transnational purchases, shipments and deliveries are involved require certain essential degree of awareness and informed consent between the parties to the same at least if not completely and mainly about which liabilities are placed on whom, at whose cost and risk and for which stages of the shipping and delivery process overall with availability of an advance total estimation for all such charges to incur where possible or applicable and considering that duties cost for instance may also be  approximated beforehand by calculation of total goods value against particular shipping conditions or as per each country’s own differential stated criteria, laws and jurisdictional approaches in these broad regards of commerce.

Moreover and from our side, further and all details on shipping modes or their combination, sea, air or land and rail freight options such as for instance containerization, goods delivery and collection, cargo covers insurance, general and special carriage terms, cost, liability and risk bearings, etcetera, might be always provided, discussed and also negotiated within the reasonable margins possible depending on status quo conditions.

Nonetheless in principle and concretely in regard of shipping terms our policy remains that at the start of dealings and any transactions with new Client/s, or if not about consolidate ones with certain history with our firm, or a salient activity frequency, regularity or volume/s, every and each of any pertinent exceptions or otherwise acceptably justified cases considered, shipping cost including goods carriage, fees, insurance and/or delivery expenses unless otherwise agreed and its legal obligations like customs duty and any import charges like the import tax and any others applicable remain as the norm to the Client/s account who will be required their payment at the moment in which they are due in addition to the value of the purchased goods. Therefore freight shipments will normally be on FOB terms with delivery to the Client/s specified address as per the official invoice. Any different or special conditions applying should be discussed or further convened.


3.2.      Countries Coverage

We are accepting orders and deliveries from and to all Nations worldwide.

From and to Palestine likewise. Yet with the remarkable qualification that for this case we must duly inform in advance their national citizens, traders and businesspersons of the actual possibility that in spite of their established historic legitimate sovereignty and associated legal constitutionalities for those cases in which sometimes deliveries might not be accomplished or represent an objective incongruence still as per the judicial reality conditions present on the ground in relation to either its land, bounding territories and/or borders regrettably we might have to revert, suspend or stably cancel any current and/or ongoing orders or purchases placed by them whatever every of the pre-guaranteed efforts we might make to assure these same deliveries.


Also on other terms some early provisions must be placed likewise on the extent to which we might arrange suitable, efficacious and/or success delivery to particular destinations or countries in anticipation similarly of contingent limitations.


In any event and these respects above we will be lamenting any such circumstances from taking place and we already now apologize for any inconveniences that may be caused to our esteemed Client/s as coming or originating from us and/or in their dealings with our firm.


Nonetheless, we oughtn’t to be held liable in any case for any such occurrences either midway truncated or turned unviable and anyway we warrant the full refund of any advance payments for goods and half the same in the concept for carriage and transport only before some of these eventualities confirmed lastly.       


3.3.      Commercial Samples

In general we accept sample/s requests to the trial and quality verification purpose for any of the Product/s on our e-Store that might compel to that initial prior test where possible within acceptable reasonability parameters, and in particular for electro-tech, wellness, leisure and certain performance-related appliances, tools, machines and devices, for clothes, accessories and equipment, for furniture, interior design and collector’s items, articles and pieces and some specific miscellaneous goods we might still commit to the sending of some reference sample or trial versions of the same sometimes without certain functional, electronic or inner components, and others just parts of the same showing and representative of their textile, leather, wood and other materials making or composition to their gross evaluation purpose solely, or otherwise of broader reference material, deeper information and specifications enabling to gain a sufficient criterion on the benefits, performance and guaranteed satisfaction and overall advisability of their purchase eventually.


Normally these sample materials are provided for free sent at no cost sometimes and others Client/s are requested to pay for their sending expense just and whereas in case of any purchase confirmation later on this one is then compensated and deducted from the total amount of goods on the Product/s invoice of sale.


3.4.      Delivery Exclusions

Beyond the restrictions set in the section of introduction regarding the exclusion from all and any of our deals and overall of criminal, terrorist and/or worse outlaws of any kind in whatever formats and their support, defense and/or originary extensions and/or deployments, there are no other exclusions applying to our delivery policy.



4.   Customs & Taxation



4.1.      Customs

When ordering any goods from us and owing to our export-import working framework of activity, upon Customs clearance Import Charges are normally due such as Customs duties and the import and any other additional taxes applicable as per each country’s norms and regulations which are levied at the same moment of importation.

It is the Client/s here in this case as the importer/s of record for the goods the one/s responsible for and bearer/s of the importation expense.

For deliveries to particular destination countries such as Turkey, Cyprus (Greek) and Brazil, Government Authorities might require us to collect in advance from our Client/s for payment on their behalf the import duties cost when confirming their purchase/s in order to arrange goods delivery for them.

Besides, Customs policies vary widely from country to country and for information on imports and their procedures, even some advance reference on their cost Customs Offices may be always contacted. Needless to say still, compliance with the official Laws of the receiver country/ies for the incoming goods is a main must.

New international traders, businesspersons and clients awareness turns important here also in relation to commercial and/or individual customers purchases whereas as the norm cross-border deliveries are always liable to opening and inspection by the Customs Authorities of the receiver countries any time.

In this same regard and as to Customs clearance and compliance with countries official Laws facilitation and assurance, Customs Authorities might usually require communication on goods content, sale invoices / property titles and delivery information with provision of their support documents sometimes.

An additional and different aspect for consideration or awareness hereto still about privacy or the use and sharing of this same type of information above by or with parties external to goods contracts and transactions themselves but anyway directly involved in their shipments and deliveries is precisely the role of transport and shipping companies, agencies or brokers who might be customarily interceding or acting on behalf of suppliers and clients, or shippers and beneficiaries before the competent Authorities at any required time as the normal practice to simplify and improve, or otherwise contribute to the fulfillment of these formal export-import procedures in practical, easy and smooth ways.

All applicable laws and regulations of the goods origin and destination countries must be complied with by all parties all the time. Liability for any breach/es will be the sole one of their infringers evidently.


4.2.      Taxation

All prices are displayed without taxes.

For goods deliveries to any of the following special 32 countries and destinations in principle no charges for taxes apply: Andorra, Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Egypt, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Korea South, Kuwait, Lebanon, Liechtenstein, Malaysia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United States of America and Yemen.

Nonetheless, the act of importation itself does originate the obligation to an import tax only in any of these same countries and destinations above and their citizens and residents are  responsible for its payment and settlement at their Customs or other relevant Government Authorities Offices when levied upon any goods importation by the former.

These exceptions aside, deliveries to all and any other countries and destinations worldwide normally include as part of any import process a goods’ value adaptation as for each country’s own taxing and public finance system/s and standard/s, with taxes categories usually encompassing either value-added, goods and services, sales, use or consumption taxes as applicable to all goods, and hence in these other normative cases as required we will be each time informing and indicating when receiving any order/s from Client/s citizens or residents of the same, actually here indeed traders, businesses and/or particular individuals in deals with us likewise as in the case above at the moment of their Order Confirmations taking place which ones are exactly the taxes levied by the Customs or other relevant Government Authorities Departments of these other receiver countries upon imports of any incoming goods to the same and that will be eventually charged to our Client/s on the purchase/s of any goods and Product/s from us. In all the majority of cases where this applies we may also display the final price of goods with or as inclusive of taxes.

Finally and again for deliveries to particular destination countries like Turkey, Cyprus (Greek) and Brazil, in addition to import duties (please refer to paragraph 4.1 above) Government Authorities may also require the advance collection from our Client/s for payment on their behalf of certain taxes when confirming their purchase/s in order to arrange goods delivery for them.



5.   Cancellation & Returns Policy



5.1.      Client/s Rights

Order cancellation/s is one main exclusive right of Client/s. Any commercial contract/s being placed to our firm or on a ‘processing’ status may be cancelled at any moment from their acceptance within the first seven working days of our Order Confirmation e-mail’s receipt and until payment realization. From then onward order/s will be normally processed till shipment and delivery are completed and unless exceptional and justifiable reasons or conditions concur.


It is also a main exclusive right of Client/s to be provided from our supplier’s side with the guarantee for the return of their purchased Product/s once after receiving them and having the chance of their examination before their definite acceptance. The validity of this guarantee has an extension set of fifteen days of time and it is conditioned for its full currency and effectiveness to three main premise assumptions, namely, Product/s ought to be returned immediately, in the same condition in which Client/s have received them upon delivery, and the legal obligation to take reasonable care of the Product/s whilst in Client/s possession in wait of being returned whose compliance failure may originate the right of compensation for any damage caused on them or in any event to invalidate the return guarantee itself.


Besides, there is no provision for any cancellation and returns guarantee from our firm and it is important to note and take into account that as a general norm we do not accept and our Client/s are not entitled to any supply contract cancellations and/or returns for any of the following Product/s and/or circumstances:


  • non-durable consumer goods, consumables and Product/s intended for everyday consumption;

  • sealed Product/s that have been unsealed after their delivery, and Product/s that have been either used or damaged following the same except where they are defective;

  • Product/s which concern the provision of pre-ordered, pre-arranged and/or pre-designed general or particular compositions or any specific, express or exclusive combination or adjustment of the same or their parts, pieces or sets; consisting of the supply of goods following, adapted or made to Client/s own indications, specifications or special or personalized requirements; or completely made to order; or classed as limited edition Product/s, articles or collections; or collector’s items


Further details and indications about how to proceed whenever any general interest cancellation and/or return circumstances might happen with no major particular limitations applying on them are given hereafter as follows:  


5.2.      Cancellation

To cancel a purchase order or, further hereon, a supply contract which is already confirmed and accepted by both sides and just in process, our Client/s are kindly requested to advise us as quickly as possible upon their counter-decision to suspend, revert or definitely cancel their initial interest order/s by sending us an urgent email via the 'Contact Us' form in our e-Store at the Customer Care and After-Sales Support special section so that we might immediately act in accordance and proceed stopping the ongoing tasks about the goods whilst being either finalized in readiness for shipment or otherwise prepared for their making’s imminent start.


Once we retrieve any e-mail notifications of this content sort, we will also as soon as possible always in any event get back to our Client/s for due acknowledgement of the order/s cancellation and firm cross-confirmation as well from our side thereon. Anyway though certain initial responsibility will remain by the Client/s side to ensure our awareness of any cancellation/s taking place before the seven-day cooling-off period expiration indicated in previous paragraph 5.1 to restore their status quo before contract/s were entered. Precisely this cooling-off clause allows this restoration for a limited period of time for any reason. After this period Client/s lose their entitlement to cancel the contract/s and any attempted return of goods later on will have to follow the steps according to our returns policy procedure set and explained in next paragraph 5.3.


If for exceptional and/or fully justifiable reasons or conditions we would receive any special request/s for order cancellation/s once goods are already paid for, processed or in transit to destination we commit ourselves to arrange the best solution conditions possible in common agreement with our Client/s after due assessment of these extraordinarily unusual circumstances without discarding possibility of a full refund if these are more likely to a unique non-earthen type of phenomenon rather than if pertaining and part of human worldly life or might be otherwise already covered for indemnification by any current insurance contract/s. This exceptionality should be interpreted in the meaning that contract/s clauses limits might allow for extraordinary arrangements on goods returns with payment’s full refund without incurring a breach of contract before extreme cases and circumstances.


Still in a last respect here of opposite and rationalized circumstances, whenever any fraudulent uses about accounts operation, orders in process or transactions, or otherwise other else detrimental or illicit irregularities or express action might be detected against the normal running and explicit positive purposes of this e-Store’s site measures will be automatically taken for the immediate suspension and/or cancellation of such fraudulence/s, perhaps even also illegality/ies with all right steps notice for their prevention and elimination in future.


5.3.      Returns

Client/s have the right to a returns guarantee from our supplier’s side for their purchased Product/s once after receiving them and before their acceptance. To meet this commitment we provide a 15-day returns guarantee starting from the moment of the goods receipt, in particular under any of following circumstances:


  • Purchased Product/s are defective: If ever receiving any faulty items or articles arriving dead from our side and therefore covered under manufacturers' warranty, Client/s are kindly requested to contact and send us immediately an e-mail via our ‘Returns’ online form of our web site in the Customer Care and After-Sales Support special section so that a Returns Merchandise Authorization (RMA) procedure is activated in accordance in connection with the concerned account/s and we will then get back to them as urgently as possible with arrangement for the Product/s replacement and the return of the defective one/s, or the possibility otherwise of obtaining their refund. In this last case Product/s post-examination would entitle Client/s to receive the full purchase price refund within a reasonable time period whereas they would be e-mailed the corresponding notification in this respect and refund/s due to be then processed as promptly as possible, in any case within 30 days at the maximum from our confirmation e-mail hereon as the norm. Refund will include as well any shipping, delivery and import original charges to Client/s when Product/s are not to be replaced in any event, and to the opposite any new same charges due over the sending of the new Product/s in replacement will be paid by us on behalf of our Client/s to our account and at no cost to them.

  • Delivery of a wrong order: If ever receiving a wrong or mistaken order from our side, whether owing to an order error or because it is about wrong items, Client/s are kindly requested like in the previous case to send us immediately an e-mail via our 'Returns' online form so that a Returns Merchandise Authorization (RMA) procedure is activated in accordance and we will then get back to them as urgently as possible with re-arrangement for the correct shipment of the purchased goods and the return of the incorrect or non-corresponding ones.

  • A manufacturer advice requests Product/s to be returned: Should this ever happen, Client/s will be duly informed about all details underlying the request and once confirming their agreement hereon they would be provided the respective indications for the processing and collection of the returned goods and the new state of things in respect of their initial purchase.

  • Purchased Product/s are damaged in transit: Should this be ever the case, Client/s would be then expected not to accept the delivery of the goods with the shipping company from this moment onward responsible for arranging the Product/s replacement.


Where Client/s might proceed to a return of Product/s either because they are defective, a wrong order is delivered or on a manufacturer advice, any full refund given will include beyond their purchase, shipping and import total cost paid when first receiving the goods the additional expense of the returning Product/s sending or we shall otherwise arrange pickup and return at no cost to them.


We will not be responsible for returned Product/s that are lost or damaged in transit except where we agree to arrange and pay for their delivery as provided in the immediately above paragraph.


We will usually refund any money received from our Client/s via the same method by which they have originally paid for the Product/s. For doubts avoidance, Product/s returned in accordance with our returns policy and purchased either by money or bank transfer, cheque, payment card, cash or any other payment way amongst the ones convenable with our firm will be refunded then after by way of a money payment or credit back via the same original method effected or debited on account upon the moment of their purchase.


If goods are returned for any other reasons, Client/s should complete the request in the same way via our ‘Returns’ form online in a sufficient and clear manner as to the activation of the respective MRA procedure assurance for the Product/s effective devolution to manufacturers premises at origin. We will then not refund to Client/s any delivery or import charges incurred upon Product/s initial shipment or any carriage or export expenses due upon their return which will remain in any event at their own cost and risk if this latter one owes to other own Client/s reasons out of our basic and fundamental established provisions about Client/s most just, fair and complete rights, cautions and guarantees due to them.


Besides, we only accept returns via our returns process as set and explained all over this section of our firm’s Terms and Conditions. If Product/s are not returned according hereto and following our cancellation and returns policy steps and specifications we are under no obligation to accept any returns from our Client/s.


This cancellation and returns policy excludes any Product/s purchased directly from other Dome Middle East and/or DME Group any other companies.



6.   Rewards Policy


Dome Middle East Rewards is part of our Client Care and Public Relations Program and it signifies our appreciation towards Client/s for their trust and as well our content through time overall with relationships that are important to us whatever their specificities, conditions or fields of their evolvement.


This goodwill pro-positivity in contrast with usual pressures involved in highly competitive and/or destabilized business and commercial environments wants to contribute to enhancement of motivation and high spirits with gratifying experiences like when being gifted a pleasing, most welcome kind of surprise or taking a cheer-up choice to surpass one’s own best for personal satisfaction. To this purpose, value rewards conceding to Clients and/or other Parties concerned herewith as resulting from other memberships with us or our Partners preference channels in combination normally comprises the possibility of choice between either option.


In case of preference for the personal choice, there is always a particular selection of special articles available and published following a rewards gradation and obtaining scale stating the quality and/or quantity of the entitlement/s according to earning-to-purchase history/ies and ongoing cumulative profiling traits overall. These rewards might be redeemed directly on our web site by choosing the selected article/s option with check-out procedure completing all other steps until final delivery confirmation and still a last balance indication.


And in case of opting to place this liberty in our hands and preferring perhaps to receive the rewards directly from our side according to our firm’s own valuation scale and fulfillment criteria it will be likewise always our satisfaction assessing, tuning and refining fruition parameters involved and meeting the essential recognition, distinction and enjoyment goal hereto in closest and most precise relation possible to our Clients and/or other concerned Parties best merits, deservings and/or expectations eventually.


Besides, rewards articles delivery depends normally only on their immediate availability in stock and any particular conditions applying like in all cases of any ongoing acquisitions, their value isn’t yet in principle directly convertible into cash and their validity has either no time restrictions and duration and currency span in connection to their redemption remains and is assumed by us and our firm as indefinite. Rewards special selection itself is changed from time to time, every once or twice in a year.



7.   Warranty & Liability




7.1.      Warranties

We warrant to our Client/s Product/s that they purchase from us to be in perfect conditions of quality, fitness, operation, performance and/or satisfaction for all the purposes for which the one/s of the kind are originally produced by manufacturers and commonly supplied to buyers.


Product/s are warranted to be free from any defects or lacks at the time of delivery.


Except for consumables and perishables, warranty period for any original Product/s purchase has a validity time of between 1 and 3 years for non-durable and mid-life consumer products, and 5 years and above for durables and any other products expected to last and keep their features and characteristics over an indefinite use and/or life cycle of the same.


During the warranty period and upon proof of purchase, Product/s suffering any problem/s might be always delivered or sent for repair, reconditioning or parts substitution by their origin manufacturer/s, after-sales support centre/s and/or specialized agent/s designated for the same, or otherwise for replacement by another one/s with same or equal characteristics and working conditions or similar equiparable model/s or article/s depending on currency and availability of series or collections at the precise time concerned and as well the outcome of their expert check and overall state verification upon receipt of the Product/s within a reasonable time period.


To use this warranty and make any of its terms effective, whether for return, repair, reconditioning, substitution or replacement, partial or total, Client/s should contact, inform and provide us copy of their purchase receipt/s, invoice/s or any other property proof/s showing also the date of acquisition for arrangement of the opportune step/s with them.


Whenever sending of the Product/s back to manufacturer might be necessary it is recommended to make sure that they are packaged securely and sent it insured, return receipt requested.


There will be no charges accounted to Client/s for any current warranty effected within the purchased Product/s validity time period.          


7.2.      Warranty Exclusions

Client/s shall not have any claim for repair or adjustment expenses under this warranty if (1) the problem is caused by improper, rough or careless treatment, (2) by fire or other natural calamity, (3) by improper repair or adjustment made by anyone other than the origin manufacturer or any of its designated after-sales support specialists, (4) maintenance requested consists of the repair or replacement of container parts, accessories, options or consumables / perishables, and if these are damaged or worn, (5) the proof of purchase is not presented when actioning this warranty to adhere to any of its terms, or (6) the warranty period has expired.   


Neither this warranty nor any other warranty or guarantee, express or implied, including any implied warranty or condition of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose shall extend beyond the guarantee period.


No responsibility is assumed for any incidental or consequential damages, including, without limitation, damages resulting from any incorrect or inappropriate use, misuse, abuse or corruption of the Product/s. 


Some states or jurisdictions do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts and some do not allow the exclusion or limitation by a party of liability for death or personal injury caused by that party’s negligence, so the above warranty disclaimers shall in such cases not apply whenever these premises of exceptionality might be the justified proper ones for application.  


This warranty confers upon our Client/s specific rights and they may also have other rights that vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, or from country to country. Nothing in this warranty affects Client/s statutory rights.


7.3.      Liabilities

Our liability for any losses that our Client/s might suffer as a result of a breach of Contract, or nonfulfillment of Warranty from our side is strictly limited to the total value price of the purchased Product/s concerned as per our firm official invoice and any related foreseeable losses consequence of any such breach or nonfulfillment eventually occurring. Previsible losses are those ones objectively contemplated at the time of Client/s order/s mutual confirmation and acceptance by both sides.


This does not include or limit in any way our liability for Client/s death or personal injury caused by negligence from our side; for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation or misrepresentation as to a fundamental matter; or any other matter for which it would be illegal for us to exclude, or attempt to exclude, our liability.


We are not responsible for any indirect loss/es that might arise on the Client/s side as a side effect of any direct loss or damage of theirs, including but not limited to a loss of income or revenue, business, profits or contracts, anticipated savings, data, goodwill, waste of management or office time and to any other loss or damage of any kind, whether caused by tort, including negligence, breach of Contract or otherwise, even if foreseeable.


Where Client/s purchase any Product/s from any Third Parties via our e-Store, that Third Parties individual liability will be set in its own terms and conditions whereon we would recommend a careful reading thereof (see also paragraph 2.2 above).


7.4.      Liability Exclusions

The content and any other material displayed on our web site is provided without any guarantees, conditions or warranties as to its accuracy. To the extent permitted by Law, we, other members of Dome Middle East Group, the Third Parties, our Partners and Affiliates and any other company connected to us hereby expressly exclude:


  • All conditions, warranties and other terms which might otherwise be implied by Statute, Common Law or the Law of Equity.


  • Any liability for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage incurred by Client/s in connection with the use, inability to use or results of the use of D.M.E. Selects International e-Store, any web sites linked to it and any materials posted on the site, including but not limited to any liability for any losses or damages of any kind as the specified ones on previous paragraph above.


These limitations do not affect any of our liabilities as expressed on the preceding paragraph 7.3. nor any other liabilities that cannot be excluded or limited under the Laws of United Arab Emirates.


Finally, otherwise than in relation to the same, these latter, we do not warrant that any Product/s information and overall contents will comply with all Laws, regulations and/or codes of practice of any other country.


7.5.      Indemnity

Client/s, user/s and visitor/s expressly agree to indemnify us and our whole team, employees, agents, representatives and affiliates, and to hold them and us harmless from and against all and any claims and liabilities, including legal costs, that may arise out of their use of any material/s obtained from us, through our D.M.E. Selects International e-Store, from their breach of these Terms and Conditions, or from any such similar or equiparable acts arising from their use of Dome Middle East Selects International.


We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to deny access to our web site or any portion of it to any user without notice or liability.



8.   General Principles



8.1.      Force Majeure

We will not be held responsible for any delay or failure to comply with our obligations under any extraordinary conditions interrupting the normal and expected course of events if the delay or failure arises from any cause/s which are beyond our reasonable control - Force Majeure.


Force Majeure reasons include any extraordinary act, event, non-happening, omission, accident, natural disaster and unavoidable catastrophe beyond our reasonable control and include in particular, without limitation, the following:


  • strikes, lock-outs or other labor and/or employment-related action

  • civil commotion, riot, terrorist attack or its threat, invasion, war -whether declared or not-, its threat or preparation for war

  • fire, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, subsidence, epidemic or other natural or uncontrollable disaster

  • impossibility of the use of motor transport, railways, shipping, aircraft or other land, sea/ocean and air means of public or private transport

  • impossibility of the use of public or private telecommunications networks

  • acts, decrees, legislation, regulations or restrictions of Governments


Our performance under any Contract/s will be deemed ‘suspended’ for any period in which any Force Majeure reason/s concur, persist and continue, and we will be granted and count on an extension of time for the performance due in relation and reasonable proportion to the duration and/or gravity of any such exceptional period or occasion. In that time eventually, within the reach of our possibilities and a reasonability framework we will make all our endeavours in contributing to bring the Force Majeure reason/s to a positive end and commit to find the best solution by which our obligations under the Contract/s may be performed in spite of the ongoing Force Majeure reason/s.


8.2.      Waiver

If our Client/s breach these Terms and Conditions and we take no action, we will not be considered to have waived the rights we have against them arising from any such breach and we will still be entitled to enforce any rights that we may have in any other situation where Client/s breach these Terms and Conditions.


Any waiver by us of any rights accruing to us under these Terms and Conditions shall only be

effective if it is expressly stated to be a waiver and communicated to our Client/s in writing by e-mail.


8.3.      Transfer

The Contract/s between our Client/s and us are binding on them and us, and our respective successors or assigns eventually.


Client/s may not transfer, assign, charge or otherwise dispose of a Contract, or any of their rights or obligations arising under it without our prior written consent. We may transfer, assign, charge, subcontract or otherwise dispose of a Contract, or any of our rights or obligations arising under it at any time during the Contract term with due prior communication thereof to our Client/s.


8.4.      Severability

If any of these Terms and Conditions or any provisions of a Contract between our Client/s and us is or are determined by any competent Authority to be invalid, unlawful or unenforceable to any extent, then such term, condition or provision will to that extent be severed from the remaining terms, conditions and provisions which will continue to be valid to their full extent as permitted and according to Law.


8.5.      Variation

We have the right to revise and amend these terms and conditions from time to time to conveniently reflect changes in any trading, business and/or commercial, market and transportation conditions affecting us and our usual dealings and relationships with our Client/s, or otherwise owing to changes in our own organization or system’s capabilities, or about payment or logistics means and any other relevant operational, technological and/or regulatory frameworks.


Our Client/s are expected to accept, observe and meet these terms and conditions and general trading and commercial policy in force at the time of ordering any Product/s from us, or otherwise promptly advise us of the contrary or whatever else might concur on their side.


Any changes taking place and being applied over the course of any ongoing orders or within the execution and completion time of any Contract/s with our Client/s, these will be duly notified to them from the moment of their occurrence together with the relevant information concerning the beginning of their currency and operational validity time and oughting to be expressly accepted and conformed in any event by those Client/s affected by these changing circumstances before further progress is made about any of the respective preparations, makings, payments, shipments and/or deliveries in right correspondence therewith.


8.6.      Entire Agreement

These Terms and Conditions and any document/s expressly referred to in them represent the entire general standard agreement and operational framework between our Client/s and us, D.M.E. Selects International,  in relation to any interest goods for purchase and their related subject matter/s clauses and/or specifications on any Contract/s sealed at any time, beyond any other understandings, or different arrangements or anything said or written in any two sides negotiation/s taking place prior to the issuance and effecting of these same firm official formal Contract/s between the sides just and only mutually bounding to the same.


In entering into any Contract/s each side reciprocally acknowledges by refusing that either party relies on any uncertain, questionable or doubtful representation, undertaking or promise given by the other or which may be implied from any previous exchange/s except as for all the positive, standard, normative and present ones expressly stated in these Terms and Conditions and their mutually binding Contract/s, and consequently neither of both shall have in future a remedy at law in respect of any deviant or deceptive statement/s made by the other, orally or in writing, unless on deliberately untrue fraudulent terms, and therefore the affected party's final remedy shall be for breach of contract only eventually as now provided for thereon in these Terms and Conditions.


8.7.      Governing Law & Jurisdiction

D.M.E. Selects International web site e-Store, use of it and relationship with us, its online and/or internet-related transactions, our trading practices and e-commerce activity overall, are governed and we adhere altogether and respectively upon all and every of its relating entity divisions, component branches and/or sections and operational, technological, logistical, human resources, investing and formal entirety concerned jurisdictions as provisioned, executable and enforced by the prevalent Laws and regulatory frameworks of United Arab Emirates directly hereto such as mainly Nr. 1/2006 on e-Commerce and Transactions and also the pioneering earlier one Nr. 2/2002 on Electronic Transactions and Commerce for Dubai as most suitably adjusting, applicable and responding to the ongoing needs and realities on the matter in the Emirates of Ajman and Dubai in particular and/or their special economic and free-zone areas of activity likewise with acknowledgement of the general trade international standards and established customs simultaneously.



9.   Our Details


Website/s: www.dme-selectsinternational.com ; www.dme-selectsinternational.ae (coming soon, now being updated and re-structured)


Address: Dome Middle East Selections Trading, F.Z.E., Building C1, 11th Floor, Ajman Free Zone Compound, by the Port and Customs Authority Department, P.O. Box 45645, Ajman, United Arab Emirates.





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